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Feest der Vernietiging
Spoilt Dissatisfaction
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NRC Next
NRC Next

Exhibition Aukje Dekker
Unique Art Experience in the Centre of Amsterdam
May 10 - June 10

For the third exhibition of Aukje Dekker at Gallery Vriend van Bavink the artist offers instead of her work, the space of the gallery for sale. From May 10th to June 10th the gallery will serve as a hotel-room that accommodates up to five people.

The exhibition is the third and final part of a trilogy in which Aukje Dekker analyses the concept of -value- within the arts. With the exhibition A Unique Art Experience in the Absolute Centre of Amsterdam Dekker questions the relationship between artist and gallery in the hierarchical system of art in times of economic recession.

The art practice of Aukje Dekker (1983) has developed around the analysis of the human pursuit of value, meaning and authenticity. She graduated in 2009 from Central St Martins in London (MFA), exhibited in the Netherlands and abroad and is a founding member of the Eddie the Eagle Museum.

During the exhibition period, any new guest of the hotel has his/her own festive opening.

You are cordially invited to attend an opening night or book a night at this Unique Art Experience at The Absolute Centre of Amsterdam. Check www.vriendvanbavink.nl for more information about the project, hotel, the guests and the openings.

Gallery Vriend van Bavink
GelderseKade 58
some Eddie the Eagle News since that is going so swell
some Eddie the Eagle News since that is going so swell

June 15th - July 14 Solo Exhibition
Gallery Vriend van Bavink
Showing a new painting project/performance
Friday the 13th Finissage

Right now Im walking through the Netherlands with Muga, a flat coat retriever This journey will be the fundament of the theatreplay -les Unanimes- with Rory de Groot, whos now also walking somewhere.

May 22-27 Festival a/d Werf
Theatre Play Unanimisme:
made and performed by Rory de Groot and Aukje Dekker

May 26th opening exhibition BLIK
Neonchocolate Gallery 8232;Lychener Strase 23 8232;
10437 Berlin, Deutschland

June 2-3 Lente Kabinet
The Eddie the Eagle Werkstation, Noorderpark Amsterdam
A new factory by the Eddie the Eagle Museum
Where we will make our own unique document of time.
This project will continue in September 2012.

June 12- July 14 Group exhibition
Eddie the Eagle Museum in SMART project space
Im losing More than Ill ever Have
The Practice of Everyday Life

The Eddie the Eagle Museum has a new webiste.
please visit www.eddietheeaglemuseum.com
Foute Schelp in het Boijmans van Beuningen
Foute Schelp in het Boijmans van Beuningen
" Wat nou de Zee"

een foute schelp
met Ronald Snijders in het Boijmans van Beuningen

18-02 t/m 11-03 2012
Launch: What is an Artbook, Mews Projects[ace London
Launch: What is an Artbook, Mews Projects[ace London
Ideas in Motion. London 1-21 March 2012
Ideas in Motion. London 1-21 March 2012
The series I Made with Aisha Zeijpveld: Feest der Vernietiging, is going to be publiched in GUP in the book NEW DUTCH PHOTOGRAPHY TALENT.

9th of February
The Eddie the Eagle will be giving a lecture at the Art as Money Festival in Trouw. at 21.30 the will be a discussing panel in which we will be debating as well.

18 th of February
The opening of the show -in staat van verwarring -
in het Boijmans van Beuningen Museum Rotterdam
were the were be a work I made with Ronald Snijders on display: wat nou de zee, verkeerde schelp 2011.

21st February
the Eddie the Eagle Museum will give a Masterclass in FOAM

We will hold a symposium in the Mews Project Space in London
about the upcomming exhibition ECHO in November.

1st of April
I will start my walk across the Netherlands for the theaterplay Unanimisme that will be performed with Rory de Groot in May at Festival a/d Werf.

Hard/Hoofd expositie
Artpocalypse Collective
Tweede Laurierdwarsstraat 64
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Opening 17-11-2011 at 18:00
till 26-11-2011

Rory de Groot en Aukje Dekker wonnen tijdens Festival a/d Werf 2011 de competitie De stand van het land met hun voorstel voor de voorstelling Unanimisme. Onafhankelijke kunstenaars en collectieven dienden plannen in voor nieuw werk dat geïnspireerd was op deze titel. Die verwijst naar werk dat zich bezig houdt met de stand van het land, de staat en de samenleving. Naast Unanimisme wonnen ook The state of the state (werktitel) van Julian Hetzel en VELDWERK van Suzies Haarlok. De eerste twee worden in het voorjaar in Huis a/d Werf uitgewerkt naar een voorstelling voor Festival a/d Werf 2012.

Rory de Groot (1983) was tot zijn 21e profvoetballer bij Feyenoord en Excelsior. In 2009 kwam de omslag, toen hij, onder de artistieke leiding van Adelheid Roosen en Titus Muizelaar, afstudeerde als theatermaker aan de Toneel- en Kleinkunst Academie in Amsterdam. Hij speelde en creëerde meerdere stukken bij het Noord Nederlands Toneel en het Grand Theatre in Groningen. In februari 2011 vertrok hij naar Productiehuis Rotterdam, waar hij samen met Aukje Dekker de theatrale performance Zinloos Zonder Gêne maakte.

Aukje Dekker (1983) rondde in 2006 cum laude haar opleiding af aan de Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. Sindsdien nam ze deel aan verschillende tentoonstellingen en filmfestivals in binnen- en buitenland, waaronder de Biënnale in Venetië, het Stedelijk Museum Buro, Today Art Museum (Beijing) en Art Amsterdam. Ze werkt met verschillende media zoals video, performance, fotografie en ruimtelijke installatie, waarin materie altijd het idee volgt. Ook behaalde ze haar Master of Fine Arts aan het prestigieuze Central St. Martins in Londen. www.aukjedekker.nl

What is an Art Book?

The Artists Books Weekend
The Mews Project Space
15c Osborne Street (alley behind the whitechapel Gallery)
London, E1

Friday 23rd September 6 - 9pm
Saturday 24th of September 10am - 7pm
Sunday 25th of September 10am - 7pm

Nearest Tube: Whitechapel

An Art Book today can be seen to occupy various different positions including that of a piece of theory, a catalogue, a printed exhibition, a piece of art in itself, a supplement to a pre-existing piece. It can be a proposal for the future or an examination of the present or what has passed. What is an Art Book? will be an investigation of what an Art Book is in terms of material and conceptual concerns. It is a collaborative project that will be produced during the Artist Books Weekend at the Mews Project Space. Artists, writers, curators, designers and other practitioners are invited to respond to the title of the project by contributing their interpretation of what an Art book means to them and their practice. Each contributor can propose text, drawings, photographs, sculpture, performance, audio recordings, video or any other concept/theory as long as it can ultimately be realised in A4 paper format and in black and white.

Adrianna Palazzolo / Agata Jastrzabek / Alan MaGee / Alice Bain / Aukje Dekker / Briony Anderson / Carlos Noronha Feio /Cedar Lewisohn / Charlotte Young / Claire Barliant / Craig Cooper David Rickard / Dominic Andrew Paterson & Neil Clements /Gary Colclough / Hanane Ech-Charif / Imogen O'Rorke / James Brooks / Jessica Tsang / Jo Ying Ping / Joanna Greenhill / Kate Janes / Kate Terry / Keh Ng / Kirsty Buchanan / Lewis Biggs / Liane Lang / Lizzy Whirrity / Maria Fusco / Marialaura Ghidini / Mark Jackson / Matthew Stock / Neil Coombs / Neil Mulholland / Nikki Wassall / Olga Raciborska / Paul O'Kane / Pure Evil /
Satu Jokinen / Shane T Hall / Thibaut DeWolf / Tina Hage /
Vera Tollman / Warren Garland

The Artist Books Weekend is an initiative of The Mews Project Space. The other participating organisations are:

Donlon Books | IMT Gallery | X Marks the Bkship and more.

Please check the ABW website for the many events taking place over the weekend at The Mews Project space and affiliated organisations.
BYOB W139 10-10-2011
BYOB W139 10-10-2011
BYOB Amsterdam W139

Rafael Rozendaal is the curator of a BYOB in W139 as a conclusion of his solo exhibition The Shift.

From 9pm till late.

Aukje Dekker, Anika Schwarzlose, Ewoudt Boonstra, Eline Mul, Elza Jo, Father Futureback, Helma van Nuenen, Jonas Lund, Job Wouters, Katja Novitskova, Kristy Fenton/Foom, Sterling Crispin, Matthijs van Henten, Maurice Trouwborst, Melanie Bonajo, Miktor & Molf, Nicole Martens, Peter Luining, Sasa Ostoja, Simon Wald Lasowski, Wyne Veen, Pinar & Viola.

26th May 1800 opening IMT gallery in London
Unit 2/210, Cambridge Heath Road,
London, E2 9NQ UK
The second in the new series of Filmarmalade presents Aukje Dekkers Versus and other new work.
Aukje Dekkers Versus, records the artist first kissing then head butting a boxing ball continuously for 10 minutes as a single take performance to camera. Such acts of apparent meaninglessness allow Dekker to mediate on the status of value in a world without transcendence, which through her acts of banal repetition create a frame of reference that can ultimately liberate us from the existential void we are all bound to eternally rehearse.

The evening will also include a round table discussion between Aukje Dekkers, the artist Paul OKane and Gordon Shrigley.
Filmarmalade is an artist run project established to publish on DVD selected artistsʼ films and video works, so as to encourage a wider access to the moving image and to allow a greater understanding, through specially commissioned interviews of how each artist situates their work, in relation to the history of art and contemporary fine art practice.


2nd June 2011
curated by John Angel
Private View 02-06-11 6pm
Wayward Gallery
47 Mowlen Street
Bethnal Green
London E2 9EH
Artists: Laura Clarke, James Unsworth, Alastair Burleigh, Kristian de La Riva, Aukje Dekker, Andres Londono

16-17 The theater play Zinloos Zonder Gene I made with Rory de Groot will play at the Parade in Rotterdam and Utrecht more info will follow

The theater play Zinloos Zonder Gene I made and play with Rory de Groot at the Parade in Utrecht on 15 and 16 july

1-30The Eddie the Eagle Museum will occupy and curate 9 emty shop throughout the whole Magna Plaza for the whole month of June!

5th Eddie the Eagle Museum is nominated for a price for special initiatives on the 5th of May is the award show at Paradiso! WE WON!

11-15th during Art in Amsterdam i will show some new work at the exhibition Synesthesia Prada Willy "a love story between the senses"
11-15th May 2010 Art in Amsterdam
Official opening/dinner Thursday 12th May 16.00-24.00
The exhibition will evolve around the theme of synesthesia, an ultimate co-operation of the senses. Vision, taste, touch, smell and hearing will all be combined.
On Thursday there will be an opening with food that triggers more then your taste and incredibly good-looking musicians.
With work of Dianaband, Szylvie Toth, Celia Sheen, Aukje Dekker & Keez Duyvez. Lecture and professional synaesthesia test by Olympia Colizoli.

I made a theater play (performance) with Rory de Groot in Rotterdam we are playing it from 14-04 till 22-04 and at the Parade this summer. Come!

Voor Kitchenette#4 maakten de jonge theatertalenten Milone Reigman, Rory de Groot, Aukje Dekker, Elike Roovers en de performers Sandro Lima, Adison Dos Reis en Gery Mendes drie korte theaterstukken op verschillende plekken in De Gouvenestraat.

ZINLOOS ZONDER GENE - Rory de Groot, Aukje Dekker
Rory de Groot was profvoetballer bij Feyenoord en verruilde de voetbalkleedkamer voor de theaterkleedkamer. Samen met beeldend kunstenaar/performer Aukje Dekker maakt hij een performance met maar een doel: vol overgave volledig doelloos zijn.
Concept en performance Rory de Groot, Aukje Dekker Advies Willem de Wolf
documentation Zinloos zonder Gene met Rory de Groot
documentation Zinloos zonder Gene met Rory de Groot
museum nacht Rotterdam 06-03-2011
museum nacht Rotterdam 06-03-2011
We will go soon to berlin and i will test a new (older) work.
We will go soon to berlin and i will test a new (older) work.

"Welcome to My World" will be shown on the 4th of February at Bunkernight on the IFFR 2011.

Eddie the Eagle Museum will exhibit at Atelierhof Kreuzberg in Berlin on the 19th of February 2011

I'm making a theater play with Rory de Groot that will be played from the 13th till the 23rd of April with the premiere on the 14th in the old Lantaren Venster in Rotterdam.

FILMARMALADE will be showing Versus at the ARTPROJX CINusEMA, SVA Theatre, New York in association with THE ARMORY SHOW & VOLTA NY, March 2011

A new museum in Amsterdam arises:
The Eddie The Eagle Museum in Amsterdam Noord- de Tolhuistuin.
Together with Sieto Noordhoorn and Arthur van Beek we are the directors of this museum;

more information will follow
Wanneer voelde jij je voor het laatst een loser?
De foto van kunstenaar Aukje Dekker is voor mij heel herkenbaar. Daarop zie je iemand terugzwaaien naar een persoon die helemaal niet naar haar blijkt te zwaaien, maar naar iemand anders. Dat overkwam me vorige week nog. In dergelijke situaties van -sociaal falen- word ik overmand door een buitenproportioneel gevoel van schaamte. Het is voor veel mensen een herkenbare situatie, denk ik.

Loser. Over het kleine leed dat falen heet. Anneloes van Gaalen, Willemijn van Herwijnen. Vormgeving: Roel-Jan Elsinga. Uitgeverij dejonge Hond. ISBN: 978-90-89102-14-0. euro 15,-.
Release DVD Versus by Filmarmalade
2nd October 2010 BFI Southbank in London.

The event will start at 5.00 pm. The DVD also consist of an interview with Aukje Dekker by art critic Katie Guggenheim and artist Paul OKane.
DVD Versus
DVD Versus
DVD Versus back
DVD Versus back
The Photoserie 'Feest de Vernietiging' from DEZE FOTOGRAFIE
(collaboration between Aukje Dekker and Aisha Zeijpveld) got nominated for the Hollands Diep Fotografie Prijs 2010
ArtOlive Jong Talent XXL 2010
9 t/m 17 oktober 2010

Locatie: Cultuurpark Westergasfabriek, Palonceaukade 17, Amsterdam
ArtOlive Jong Talent, dé tentoonstelling die jaarlijks een overzicht biedt van pas afgestudeerd kunstenaarstalent, viert dit jaar haar tienjarig bestaan met een extra grote en lange editie: ArtOlive Jong Talent XXL. Het evenement, dit jaar 10 dagen lang, zal op het Cultuurpark Westergasfabriek plaatsvinden van 8 t/m 17 oktober . De 23 meest talentvolle afstudeerders van de Nederlandse kunstacademies zullen gepresenteerd worden tegenover 40 oud exposanten van de vorige edities ArtOlive Jong Talent. meer info:http://www.artolive.nl/
Chambre d'hote will be Broadcasted by the "Lange nacht van de Korte film" on NTR Nederland 2

Uitzending: zaterdag 25 september 2010, 23.15 uur, Nederland 2
August 28th 2010

12.00 – 22.00 uur: doorlopend / Palais Paradiso presenteert… Dancing Marathon: We can do it, at least I can. In deze film danst Dekker, samen met partner Kristian de la Riva, dertien uur lang op een zelfde nummer. Deze performance is gebaseerd op de oude dansmarathons uit de jaren 20 en 30.
11 - 13 February 2010


An exhibition of artwork by Amy Brooks, Elliott Tucker,Rebecca Brodskis, Sophie Hoyle, Aukje Dekker, Milica Prokic, Sidonie Roberts, Ben Nathan, Lina Daugirdaite, Erik Bellevik, Tal Regev, Babette Semmer, Leo Cohen, George Rae, Esmeralda I Gonzales, Ben Nash, Leonora Aunstrup, Patricia Delgado, Sydney Southam, Oli Bonzanigo, Richard Burton, Agatha Antony

'Atmosphere in the Spectrum' is an exhibition showcasing a gamut of young emerging artists each at different stages of their education who explore a wide variety of techniques for expressing something as intangible as mood, atmosphere and spectrum.

Each artist brings a different viewpoint to bear on the concept of atmosphere; thus, by its very nature, each vision expressed will be personal, engaging the viewer in a very individual way.

The artists present their work in a range of media including drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, installation and video, featuring a fluidity that will appeal to a sweep of emotions enhancing the work as well through the influence of the space and the aura of the crypt that pervades it.
Solo tentoonstelling Aukje Dekker

24 April - 19 May 2010
Vriend van Bavink, Geldersekade 58, Amsterdam

Aukje Dekker’s eerste solo-expositie in Nederland zal van 24 april tot en met 19 mei te zien zijn bij galerie Vriend van Bavink. In 2009 voltooide Aukje Dekker de Master of Fine Art aan het Central Saint Martins in Londen. Eerder studeerde ze aan het Sandberg Instituut en de Rietveld Academie. De expositie bij Vriend van Bavink zal een selectie van haar meest recente werk tonen. Er zal onder andere nieuw video-werk te zien zijn en “The 24 Painting Project”, dat eerder werd geëxposeerd in de OXO Tower in London. In dit werk onderzoekt Aukje Dekker de waarde van iets authentieks als een schilderij. Dekker heeft een obsessie voor obsessies, op een vaak humoristische wijze weet zij de dwangmatigheid van sociaal gedrag te visualiseren.

The Apartment Project
11-13 December 2009

Private View
Friday 11 December 2009, 6-9pm
35-37 Broadway Market
E8 4PH London

Aukje Dekker experiments with a range different media such as film, performance, photography, spatial installation and painting. As she says herself "I prefer to take a situation as the starting point rather than laying the starting point within a certain situation. This can be a feeling, an event or a thought, whatever is keeping my mind busy at that moment."
For one of her previous projects she made 24 paintings of the exact same image in collaboration with Jack Lewis. As such questions of authorship were put forward, the relationship between the viewer and the art work as well as the inherent value of a work. On a second level the issue of uselessness arose, the act of making art as a compulsive reflex?
In the Apartment Project Aukje Dekker will present a video work engaging with similar issues as well as the notion of physical endurance. Next to that a print will be shown from her MA degree show at Central Saint Martins. This consisted out of the room-sized video installation 'Verwend Ongenoegen (Spoilt)', where a series of men were projected against the walls while continually vomitting paint in all the colours of the rainbow in glitters.

Jonas Vansteenkiste, Sven Overheul, Aukje Dekker, Kristian De La Riva, Rinus Van de Velde, Ian Giles, Filip Gilissen and Frederik Van Simaey

April 9th 2010

Palais Paradio is an art and performance programme brought to you by Paradiso.

For one night, Paradiso will transform itself into a Palace of Fine Arts, including installations, performances, videos and music. In other words: Palais Paradiso exhibits Fine Art LIVE.

Palais Paradiso takes place twice a year in Paradiso, Amsterdam.

* Martin Butler
* Bas Schevers
* Jochem van der Spek
* Constant Dullaart
* Pilvi Takala
* Nina Yuen
* Sander Veenhof
* Melanie Bonajo and JOSEPH MARZOLLA
* Aukje Dekker
* Ninna Thorarinsdottir
* Arnoud Traa
* Vincent Boschma and Sonostruct~
* TokTek
* Kristina Benjocki
* Daniela Bershan

Obsession/Repetitive Gesture
Old Police Station London UK
9th January till 13th January 2010, 12 pm – 6 pm

Participating Artist
Aukje Dekker, Kristian De La Riva, Fabien Guiraud, Marcin Gwiazdowski, Damien O’Connell, Yuco Ota, Diana Scarborough, Jacqueline Utley, Lucy Ward.
Preview - Friday 8th January 6-9pm